So, I love my 40 watt Marshall haze tube amp to death.

The only problem is, my neighbors don't. I find by the time I hit 9 o'clock (1/4 volume) it makes the ears bleed, oh but it is oh so sweet. Anything lower sounds poopy in my opinion.

I purchased this amp to hold off the drummers in jam sessions. I moved to this amp from a fender 25 frontman.

I am awfully hesitant to go purchase a tube practice amp. Sometimes I feel as though I was conned by the salesman into purchasing this many watts in a tube amp.

Would I be better off just upgrading to a nicer practice amp that is solidstate? I'm not near any big music stores at the moment and testing gear out at a shop is never the same as having it at home with your gear.

I know there are a lot of tube purists out there, but I feel as if spending that much money on a practice amp is a little excessive. Are most pleased with nicer solid state practice amps? Would a different speaker with an attenuator solve my problem?
I'm a fan of the Fender Mustang series. I have the 20w version. I like it's cleans. I've been playing without distortion a lot lately because of it and it also has some decent heavy sounds. The one setback is that it doesn't have a mid knobs but that's all adjustable through the Fender Fuse program.
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I'm going to try to help you out here for several reasons:

a.) You are an '06'r so you have some history here (somewhere)

b.) I used to own a Frontman

c.) I'm a huge 311 fan

Now, reconfigure your OP to work this info in please:


Your OP is a bit confusing. A new speaker isn't going to fix anything and the MA is just meh imo. Something like a Vypyr 60 (tube power section based on the 6505+) may give you the best of both worlds in one amp. Loud enough to gig with and quiet enough for home practice use. You can find them used starting at $250. Good luck,
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Am I the only one that's going to suggest an attenuator?

LOL..... I've been looking at them for the same reason the thread starter posted .... any particular brands to want or stay away from ??..... I'm trying to reduce 30 watt Peavey Classic
I have a couple tube amps and had the same dilemma.

For me, buying a quieter practice amp was more appealing than spending even more money on an attenuator.

I tried out a lot of solid states and ended up going with a spider iv 75 watt. This had one of the most appealing distortion channels out of the other solid states I tried, which was a huge deal for me. The 75w version has the built in looper, which is pretty sweet too.

Sounds great at bedroom levels and fun to play around with.
I use Line 6 POD for home practice, all I own is tube amps.
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I was going to recommend a multi-fx unit. They'll sound better than a cheap practice amp. Volume is determined by whatever you plug it into. They also have more uses. You can use them with a regular amp for effects if you want or you can plug it into the PA and go direct as a backup.