Stupid topic, but I've always wanted to know why almost every band sweatshirt is a zip up, I prefer the pullover style, but there are WAY less of them. Is there a specific reason?
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idk my protest the hero one is zip up and i prefer it that way so whatever

i have a straight up pullover tool one though.
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I usually see more pull overs where I'm at. I dunno though.

Oh and I want this.

Zipups are a lot more practical, and much easier to put on or take off. Sorry brah
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I have an equal amount of both probably. Don't really prefer one style over the other.

Pullover hoodies are usually warmer though.

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Zipups are a lot more practical, and much easier to put on or take off. Sorry brah

Yeah, they are more practical, other than the carrying capability of the connected belly pocket. Even so, it seems like they would be more expensive to make. I like wearing them closed anyway (like a pullover), but I dislike having to deal with the zipper, just preference I guess.
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I usually see more pull overs where I'm at. I dunno though.

Oh and I want this.

Yeah pretty bad ass, those games are fun. Unfortunately, I haven't played any of them in a long time, and I wish I could.
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I love hoodies (zip up, not pullover.) I still wear my spitfire hoodie everyday that I bought like 5 years ago, I think it's pretty rare too I've never seen another one anywhere. Can't even find a picture of it on google.
I suppose it's just each band's personal preference. I actually prefer pull-overs myself.

I've seen more pull-overs than zip-ups though.
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i think he was talking about zip-ups.

at least i hope so, otherwise he'd be objectively wrong.

Well he would still be wrong because zip ups also mess up my hair, just not as much as pullovers
I hate zip hoodies. I can never find any that fit well and after one wash they get all weird and ruined.
They're all zip-up so you can keep them unzipped to show the band t-shirt you just bought too.
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Where I am I only see pull over hoodies for band stuff.

In any case, I generally prefer zip ups, but pull overs for band shirts for some reason.
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my blink-182 neighbourhoods jumper is a zip up
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my favourite hoodie zips up

Is it that one?
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I favour zip ups because they can open to allow for a bit of a breeze, are better for patch jackets, etc.

pullovers are for cozy winter months and for looking a little chubbier (with me, anyway)
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I prefer zip up. I never really thought they highly outnumbered pull overs though.

In fact, I usually have a problem finding one that isn't a pull over.
I would have thought it would be more common for bands to make pullover hoodies so that the logo is all in once piece?

Anyway, i don't really wear band merchandise, and i don't really wear hoodies very often either, but i prefer zip ups.

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They do mess up my hair.

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