Hi All, this is my first post. This forum seemed like a good place to get some help. I have already searched around and read through the Ultimate Wiring Thread. Now I'd like to see if what I have learned has bee properly applied before I start soldering. The pic is a proposed schematic, though it needs some tuning. I'd like the switchcraft on-on-on to switch between the wiring going through the T/V pots w/the coil tap/parallell/phase swap and through directly to the output ( solo switch ). So, the mock-up is the wiring for the T/V Switching setup and the direction of the "Solo" switch. If possible, I'd love some advice on how to make it all work. There's a blank sheet too, for easy corrections if needed. Thanks in advance for your knowledge and patience! Hope I haven't missed this somewhere else.
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I should add, this is going into an Epiphone SG with a single Duncan Distortion in the bridge position. My goal is to fill the holes already drilled for the neck T/V pots with switches and make use of the switchcraft which would normally switch between the pickups. So, I'm open to alternatives that fit this bill and give me some tone options. The mockup above just seemed like it offered the most possibilities: series, parallel, coil tap, kill switch (other side of coil tap?), solo circuit (full open signal bypassing the T/V pots). The pots are 500k, the tone swapping switches are latching push button (heavy duty footswitch). Oh, and the resistor/capacitor wiring on the volume pot comes from this. Hope this helps!
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