Hey Guys, first time poster. I've been looking for an answer to this question for two days and cannot find the exact answer I'm looking for.

I got an absolute steal on an Ash body Strat kit. My goal was to apply a Wudtone finish (seriously in love with those finishes). However, the body and neck are coated in "polyresin sanding sealer," which Andy at Wudtone says is a no go for Wudtone finishes.

I've seen a lot of conflicting information - some people say that it can be easily sanded off with 220, some people say it requires a heat gun and scraping, some people say not to strip it in order to not harm veneer (a non-issue in this case), etc. Most people say it isn't worth the time, but I am patient and I like long projects.

That's where you guys and gals come in - assuming an unlimited amount of time and hand endurance, is it possible to remove this sanding sealer and achieve good results with a Wudtone finish? I don't care if most people think it "isn't worth it" - it's worth it to me. I just need to know if it is possible without destroying the body
Giving this a bump back to the first page. I got the kit in today, it turned out to be a 2 piece ash body (for the price I was expecting 6!). They didn't strain any muscles grain matching, but for my first build I think it's lovely (though I am clearly biased). I'd still really like to go with a wudtone finish, but if anyone knows a way to get a wudtone-esque finish then I am all ears. I love the natural look with pores/grain visible - frankly, if I knew how to stain/dye the wood without getting involved in grain fillers then I would just do that and follow it with Tru-oil. I've been blown away with some of the Tru-Oil finishes I've seen, but I would prefer to have some color under there. I think I might be conflicted.

Anyway, I'm going to begin sanding tomorrow. The sealer is pretty nasty stuff, but I'm hoping it isn't too thick (or deep).
So how did it go?

I have a body/neck that have poly resin sealer on them and I'm trying to figure out what to do. Not sure if I should try to strip them, or just paint them...