If I'm not mistaken, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II has a thinner body than a standard Les Paul, right? In that case would it still fit correctly in a regular Les Paul hard case? And if not, can anyone recommend me one?
Honestly, what is your reason for getting one? A decent hard case would run you almost the same price as the guitar itself if I'm not mistaken
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A soft case would probably make more sense but any "lp style" case should fit.

You'd look way cooler if you got a Gibson hard case...til you opened it.
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The case is going to be a gift. I know it's probably a overkill getting a hard case for the special II, but I prefer it over a gig bag because I'll be moving away to college very soon, and I'll have to travel with it a lot if I come home during the weekend and plan on playing a bit (Plus, I don't plan on paying much more than 50$ for the case). Not to mention that if I end up upgrading to a better guitar the case would still fit anyway.