I'm looking for a fuzz that can recreate David Gilmour's fuzz guitar sound from Live at Pompeii.
Would the Fuzz Face Mini Silicon be a good choice for that sound?
Whats the difference between that and the larger fuzz face?
Any other suggestions?
I would not like to spend more than $120, and I would prefer a simple 2 knob fuzz.
From the demos i've heard of it, the Fuzz Face mini looks like a great option (the silicon one with BC108s). According to gilmourish, that's more or less what he was rocking:


I seem to remember seeing a pedal somewhere that was specifically aimed at the Pompei tone. Brb, i'll let you know...

edit; ah, it was the rather conveiniently named 'Pompei Fuzz' from Mojo Hand.
Unfortunately this was a limited edition, and a bit out of budget...


I'm sure that fuzzface mini should do the job. It's spec'd from some 1970's fuzz face and as far as i can tell the main difference between it and the larger Fuzz Face is a standard 9v power supply in, true byrpass, LED, and matched BC108 trannies.
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