I am running an Engl 530 Preamp and a rocktron velocity 100 currently. I want to replace the Rocktron with a more powerful power amp. I am looking at a little louder of one and maybe even tube. What are some good ones? I was looking at Peavey's just now but not sure if they would work for what I am trying to do.. they are using speakon cables?

Any way, my cab runs at 8 ohm's in stereo for each input so I need something that would work with that.

what about something like this? http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/TS100. Someone else mentioned a Peavey 50/50
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The Carvin TS100 and the older Tube 100 model are the best value tube power amps I know of. The Peavey 50/50 can be found cheap, but after doing a lot of research I realized it's an EL84 power amp - in general, not a great idea. If you're playing quietly it'll be great, but play loud and you'll get EL84 breakup, which generally is not a very desirable sound, outside of a few situations. Usually people who use standalone poweramps aren't trying to get power tube breakup, but your wants may vary.

The Carvin power amps can run EL34s or 6L6s.

EDIT: If you have the space, the Peavey 60/60 is a great poweramp, but it takes up 3 spaces, and it can be more on the costly side.
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