Hey guys, I wrote this song "One Last Thing" with a very interesting idea that came to me a few weeks ago.

This song is written from a first person point of view. It is a man who is so torn from losing someone that He jumps from a bridge to be with his love again. The whole song is what is going through his head until impact.

Here is the actual song if you would like to listen as you read: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZSF4hYf3n8

here are the lyrics
[verse 1]
It's been some time
since I've seen your face, felt it's embrace,
and there's something,
that I ,
forgot to say.

your picture frame
hangs in its place, my hand in yours,
as I see ,
my soul,
smile back at me.

your gone away,
it's a big mistake
you can't replace
its too late to take it back.

your wards they ring,
around and around in my head
your voice begging me
Step off the ledge and hold my breath

[verse 2]
closing my eyes
i'm falling from grace, gracefully.
I can't breathe
I ask
do you feel the same

I think I've been fine
I've tried to escape, the ghost of you
but somehow
I know
you see me too


you hold me up,
as I am crashing down.
I need your love,
Until i hit the ground
won't you lay me down.

step off the ledge and hold my...
step off the ledge and hold my...