Okay this last one is my "weirdest" one. Very orchestral, a lot of work. I am very proud of it ! I hope you like it. As usual this is not very coherent, there is no common structure "verse-chorus" and stuff... I will have to work on that.
Compo 109.zip
Holy shit, how long is this actually? This really puts me to shame as a composer. I don't have enough patience to write something like this, epic work you've done here.

It sounds like a mix of signature sounds from different cultures, which is also really nice for learning purposes haha. You truly worked a lot on this one mate, congrats!
It is something like 9min30s long I think ! Actually I had no aim at the beginning and when I finally finished it I noticed there were many influences so I called it "The Journey"

Thanks a lot
it's a good work man. i like it a lot.

a very military intro, some ambient ,some folk and power influences. it's very good . i like this kinds of works. i think that when you'll record it will sound better. my favourite parts are the orchestral part (Ambiaaance ) and the Power Metul part) . the japanese melody is a little weird but it's very nice. the russian part you could do it better, because it need some choirs or strings to make it more atmospheric, more "folkish". but it's a great work. 9/10
Yes I think i get what you mean. The choirs are quite too low on this part and I would need a real choir to see what to do with it on this part.

Thanks for your opinion ! I have to say I've been pretty inspired by some musics from Age of Empires 1 for the ambiance part !
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