I'm a fairly new guitarist, pretty decent but not tons of experience. I like to play Metalcore, Post Hardcore and things of that nature. Recently, when trying to learn how to play If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens, I ran across what seems to be a backwards hammer on (11h12h11). How exactly do I go about hammering on backwards? Is it basically just a pull of?
Yes, they just made a mistake lol

For the record, never play pull offs like a backwards hammer on (seems to be a common mistake, it's what I assumed the thread was about). You kinda flick the string as you pull off, kinda like you're plucking it, kiiinda.
someone on here described it like closing your hand into a fist which for some reason that visual helps me get into the feel of it better
Unless you are Holdsworth or Brett Garsed the all hammer ons approach will make life a lot more difficult for you.Pull offs ll take you where you want to go just the same if you do them without exaggerating the motion to much .
Yeah its just basically a pull off.....that confused me in the beginning too >.<.....i listen to the same kind of music too ^-^ i love metalcore and screamo...........
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This guys pretty good and all hammers
stick to pullofs much easier

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