I'm looking to get some advice on a few different pedals I plan to get to go with my EVH 5153. I'm looking to get a fuzz, possibly a new OD to replace my Bad Monkey, a reverb pedal, and maybe a delay/echo pedal at some point.

For fuzz, I'm mainly something that'll give me a half way decent doom/stoner tone. Looking for something to get me somewhere in the ballpark of Belzebong, Sleep, or Electric Wizard. I really like the tone on the song "Madness Of An Architect" by High On Fire also and had read that the Pharaoh was used on it. I've been mainly thinking about either a Pharaoh or a Musket/Blunderbuss but I really can't decide and have no way of trying either in person to help. Been also looking at an EHX Big Muff Tone Wicker on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Would prefer a little flexibility in the tone to get some classic fuzz tones if possible as well. Don't really want to spend more than $200 on the fuzz.

For reverb, I've been mainly going between either a Strymon Blue Sky or a Hardwire Supernatural. Can't try either of these either but from what I've seen on youtube as well as read around the internet, they seem to be pretty decent. Looking to get a good Spring reverb sound but also would like to be able to get some modulated effects out of whatever I get as far as reverb goes. Budget for a reverb is no more than the price of a Blue Sky used.

For the OD, I'm looking for something to be mostly just used as a clean boost. I like the added bass and treble eq on the Bad Monkey but am not liking that it isn't true bypass so I have been pretty set on getting a Way Huge Green Rhino. Have not seen much mention of the GR being used as a clean boost so just not 100% on it yet, I'm sure it'd be fine though. Any other suggestions for a flexible OD would be helpful. Not really looking to spend more than $100 on an OD.

For the delay, I've been looking at either the Catalinbread Echorec or a TC Electronics Alter Ego. I really like the Echorec sound so I'd like something that can at least get me that sound, anything extra would just be a bit of a bonus I suppose. I usually use rather short delay times so really long delay times are not necessary. Budget for a delay is around $200 I guess.

So yeah, I need a Reverb, Fuzz, OD, and Delay/Echo pedal. I have a HD500 so don't suggest a multifx please. I'm always watching the dismal used market around here so don't need help in that department. I mainly play metal but plan on using the reverb and delay mainly for clean/low gain playing; sorta trying to go for an ISIS vibe with those 2.

I apologize for such a long post.
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For OD you got plenty of options really. If true bypass is the only issue with DBM im sure you can mod it to be a true bypass which should be least expensive solution. Also you can check out Hardwire CM-2. It should be around 80$ in US and it's very versatile pedal but kinda waste if you need it only for clean boost. You could also get EQ and use it as a clean boost.
No buffering of signal path, means no colouring of tone, also means if your battery dies you don't need to take your pedal out the chain, just turn it off
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Back to OP, the most fuzz's that first come to mind are the dunlop fuzz face or little big muff, fuzz boxes don't really get expensive so you won't hit your budget on that, i've got a LBM and it definitely has its uses but i prefer OD.
For reverb that Blue Sky looks very intense, but it does really well in reviews so if you don't mind the complexity then try and pick one up second hand. If you want something cheaper with far fewer options i'd point you towards the EHX Holy Grail Plus.
For your OD I agree with modding in a true bypass, if you want a clean boost though why not just buy a boost pedal like the EHX LPB-1.
The Catalinbread Echorec and the TC Electronics Alter Ego seem both like great choices, i'd be inclined to go for the one with the extra knob :P

Seems you pretty much know what you want really so I don't know how helpful this is, it's all quality stuff though so you should be happy with whatever you get
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Pedals with buffers change or "suck" your tone a bit even when disengaged, while true bypass is completely transparent.

that's only half the truth, really.

true bypass also has problems with tone suck unless you're using ridiculously short and/or ridiculously expensive superlow capacitance cables...

from what i hear (i haven't tried it), the hardwire tube od is kinda like a better, true bypass bad monkey. Might be less awkward than faffing about with true bypass loops etc.
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Okay, out of the fuzzes you've been looking at, I have owned or own the BMP w/ Tone Wicker, the Pharaoh and the Musket.

BMP w/ Tone Wicker: With the tone wicker off and the tone knob on you have yourself a pretty standard NYC Big Muff. Kick on the tone wicker and it adds a little bit of high end. In my experience, it added a little bit of noise. I didn't like or use it. The tone switch is useful though. With the tone on, the tone knob is in the circuit. This makes it sound very "focused" or "squished/compressed". The tone stack of a BMP is also heavily scooped in the mids. With the tone switch off, almost all the mids come back, there's more output and the pedal sounds more "open". I liked it better with the tone switched off.

Pharaoh: This is a Big Muff clone. Not 100% sure which type of BMP, but it's a Muff nonetheless. However, it has more tonal flexibility. This pedal has a high and lo input (changed via switch), selectable silicon (Si), germanium (Ge) or no transistor for clipping, as well as a High knob which you can look at like a presence knob. With the High knob turned all the way counter clockwise, on Si transistor and the input set to high, you're getting a pretty stock Muff sound except it sounds a little more open than an EHX BMP (to my ears). Click with switch over to Ge, and you have a warmer, "rounder" fuzziness that reminds me of an old tube amp being OD'd. Select out the transistors entirely and there's a HUGE boost in the output. Very open sounding. I kept this one mostly because the Ge setting on lo is an awesome setting, but not for high gain. For high gain I use the...

Musket: Awesome, awesome fuzz. This one is based on the Russian Big Muff with a bunch of tweaks. First up, the Pre knob. This is basically just an EHX LPB-1 built in as a preamp. For me it's a set and forget parameter. I like it set high to hit the circuit hard right off the bat. Next is the Mids...WHAT?! A Big Muff variant with a mids control? FINALLY! Does exactly what it says it does; controls the middle frequenceies. Crank those ****ers. Focus is similar to a low end contour. Crank it up to let more low frequencies into your signal. Great for when playing with a bass. Fuzz...you can figure this out. Tone is (AFAIK) a traditional BMP tone stack; counter clockwise is "darker" and clockwise is "brighter". Volume is the overall output. Crank it.

For what you're going for, I'd recommend the Musket. Lots more tonal flexibility but with less features. While the Pharaoh does a few sounds VERY well, I'd stick with the Musket if I had to choose one. Luckily I can keep both!

For a reverb, the Blue Sky is great, but for a slightly lower price you can also get a Neunaber Stereo WET. This pedal has the option to load on other versions of pedals from the same line. Very cool. The TCE Hall of Fame and Trinity 'verbs sound pretty good to my ears as well. I have the Verbzilla. Cool pedal. Debating whether to keep it or not.

Overdrives are a dime a dozen. You could look at TS-like ODs, "transparent" ODs (Klones, BB Preamp, BB AC Booster), the MXR ODs, etc. Just try some out if you can. Hell, you can't really go wrong on a blind buy with most ODs.

For delays, if you use mostly short delays have you considered analog delays? MXR Carbon Copy, Malekko 616, Way Huge Aqua Puss or the (imo, cooler) Supa Puss, Maxon AD-9? Other than that the Echorec seems like a great delay. Haven't played one myself.

Fun addition...if you plan on using delay and reverb together A LOT (for a great wall of sound), look into a Boss RV-3 or Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master. One stomp away from sonic destruction.

So yea....there's that.
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fuzz-blackout effectors musket. A muff with 3 band eq and a pre amp knob.
OD-If you're not using any gain on it, I'd just suggest getting an EQ pedal. mxr 10 band, for an example.

I'm not an expert on the other stuff.
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Thanks for all the responses. Especially LaidBack, very good info on the 3 fuzz pedals I had been thinking about. I was looking at analog delays originally but after watching a lot of reviews I'm just really loving the Echorec sound . First on my list to get is a reverb, the delay is kind of the last of my priorities out of what I had been inquiring about so I have some time to think about what it is I really want in regards to delay.

Still not decided on the fuzz though... Besides the three I mentioned there are just way too many options. Was set on a Blunderbuss originally but then was leaning more towards a Pharaoh. For whatever reason, doesn't seem like the Blunderbuss gets a lot of love though it had been highly recommended in the past. Have any of you had experience with both the Blunderbuss and the Musket?

Also, I found out there's a Strymon dealer about an hour away from here so I'm going to go check it out tomorrow and see how the Blue Sky is if it is in stock. May check out the El Capistan as well but it's a little over-budget for me as far as delays go...

Thanks again for the responses and if anyone has any more input, please feel free to suggest away.