Hi All,
I've never really invested in effects pedals or modified my rig much but I would like to improve my sound a bit. I'm not great with guitar sound lingo, but hopefully I make sense. I've got an Egnater Tweaker 15W tube amp and play a MIM Fat Strat, all stock standard. Playing a wide range of music (from Muse to Hendrix to the Stray Cats) I'd like to have a lead sound that is more sensitive and sharper to the notes I'm playing. I like the idea of a pedal that I can hit to boost the volume and gain for solo's, but I'm lost as to what pedal would suit me best that wouldn't be expensive (Under $150 if possible).

Any tips or suggestions?

Digitech Bad Monkey

Danelectro Fish 'n Chips

You will still have money left over for other goodies.
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Thanks for the replies, looking into it a bit more the bad monkey seems to be what I'm after. Would it be possible to use that on the amp's hot channel to get more sustain on notes?
Yes you can. That's what most people use bad monkey anyway because it's very cheap and does excellent job as a clean boost. Just lower the gain and turn the level up on monkey and it will make your amp overdrive more.