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Does any one have any tips on getting a good death / brutal technical death metal tone? I have heard most of the Scot burns recordings and tbh prefer them to the digital hyper loud sound that has been going round the last few years. I've been listening to alot of the brutal style bands recently like say suffocation and early cryptopsy.

But I dont really know what to do. Is a sm57 good for hi squeels or ultra low grunts? Are there software or outboard modules that I should use for vocals?

Guitars? I don't know how to get a good guitar sound. Should I buy a few cheap 25watt amps and mix the recordings? get a good bass sound? I have emg pickups but I still can't get that sound. tips for lead guitar producing?
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this forum is more to do with the musical side of things, composition etc.
Recordings for advice on recording techniques (I think that's where to ask about a vocal mic too), Electric Guitar is where to discuss guitars and Gear & Accesories for amp/pedal queries.
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I'm recording a whole death metal EP at the minute, with just an SM57 and EZDrummer. Depending on what kind of sound you want, programmed drums can sound just as good as a live kit (and doesn't need recording!). I programmed all the drums in GuitarPro, then imported the midi to Cubase, separated all of the tracks out and EQ'd them individually. With the kick, I duplicated the track, and had one that was almost entirely below 100Hz, and one that was mainly the high mids, both gated; a thud and a click, as some producers call it.

There are surely better vocal mics, but the SM57 actually does a pretty good job for the gutteral stuff. I'm no good with my highs, but it seems to handle them okay, too. Make sure you use a pop shield, though, I didn't and now there are a few annoying thuds I've had to EQ out.

The 57 is perfect for guitars, though. Definitely double-track your guitars, though I'm sure there's more art to it than what I did (just set it up and recorded the same part with the same sound twice and panned left and right). There was a thread a few days ago about it, Cavalcade noticed I have only a cursory knowledge of double-tracking, but he and the other regulars could all give you some advice.

I just DI'd the bass, and literally copied and pasted the track, EQing one to be very bassy and clean, and one to be mainly high-mids, but very distorted with a free bass distortion plugin called BOD.

The rest is all just standard mixing stuff. This is how it turned out. I'll be releasing the rest of the tracks next week. It might not be the best production ever, but it's all just with that SM57, so you can definitely get a decent recording out of it

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