I'm giving a free live webinar next week on "MASTERING ARPEGGIOS." I'll cover how to play major and minor arpeggios, sweep picking and how to use them in solos.

You can reserve your spot at link removed

See you there!
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1 - Reported for advertising.

2 - If it's a webinar why is space limited? That's kind of half the point of doing something like this online.
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The software that I use to do the webinar only allows a certain number of people in it. It's nothing I control. I can edit that out though.
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Shameless self-advertisement for lessons that have been done to death on youtube...

Why is it shameless since its free i dont really get it....and why is it different from people posting continuously their videos here ? "Here is my sweeping video on my channel watch it and it ll help you".People do it all the time here am i wrong? Isnt that self promotion as many of them try to do the same as this guy here(get teaching gigs one way or another)? So why is this guy shameless? i find him pretty straightforward and its as stated free so.....i think he has the right to post it and you the right to ignore him but nothing more or less than that .
Yes it's send promotion.

No it's not allowed.
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