Im not sure where to ask this so sorry if this isn't the correct forum. My band just purchased the roland spd-sx to help us cover songs we normally cant as we don't have a keyboard and such. Can someone point me in the right direction on where or how to get songs with only what we need in them and a click track? Also how do you make the click only available to the drummer? Do we need pro tools for this sort of thing? Sorry im a total noob at this lol
You need to record the backing tracks by yourself, you can't delete tracks from an mp3 file.

Just make a new arrangement. It doesn't need to sound exactly like the original - I mean, if the keyboards play chords or something like that, play the chords on guitar or something. Or get a keyboardist. What kind of band are you, what instruments do you have and how many? What kind of music are you trying to cover? I think it would just be easier not to use backing tracks. Less hassle.
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