Hello all.
To get right to the point, for quite a while now, i've stopped using tabs, and try learn every song I play by ear.
So now, I've started listening to lots of blues and I was wondering if anyone had some less complex blues artists to transcribe? I ask because there are lots of chords and lead pieces in blues that are just too difficult for me to attempt right now (Such as SRV, Hendrix, and even further back like Muddy Waters for example)

And also, I can figure out 12 bar blues in any key, so not that per se..

A bit vague, but I'm someone will be able to help!
First off, kudos to you for learning stuff by ear! I don't really have any blues guitarists in mind to help you aside from maybe Jimmy Page (Since I've Been Loving You, Lemon Song, You Shook Me, Tea For One, etc). He seems to have a pretty easy blues style to comprehend (especially his shorter runs). Sometimes his longer note runs can be difficult to tab by ear, though, so don't get discouraged if you can't figure it all out.

However, if you're having trouble, you shouldn't just leave tabs out of your repertoire of tools to learn new songs. They're there for that very reason. The thing with the artists you mentioned (ESPECIALLY Hendrix and SRV) is that they use A LOT of the same chords and licks. The best way to learn these if you're having trouble learning by ear is to look up these tabs, learn the songs you're trying to learn, and as long as you paid attention to what you were learning, you'll realize that a lot of the licks are similar or even recycled into a different key. This is true for most blues guitarists. Now of course some of them will do things that are much different than the other, but blues was conceived during a time when musicians borrowed religiously from each other, so you'll hear the same kinds of licks from a plethora of different artists.

Also, learn the blues, major, and pentatonic minor scales if you haven't already. They're essential to the blues style as well as most other guitar based genres. After you're comfortable with those and can recognize when one or the other is being used, it'll help out a lot with transcribing by ear.
Thanks a lot for the reply! Lots of useful information, and I'm definitely gonna take it into some consideration!
I already know my scales, and I have noticed lots similar licks and chords between similar artists.

Thanks again!
Dont just learn by ear. analyze. internalize. break down licks you really like. hendrix's solos on all along the watchtower taught me how to use 6ths and 9ths since I thought about it the right way for that