Hello, I often switch between Standard tuning and Drop C. Whenever I go an extended period in drop tuning (playing songs with people) I often have a tech set up my guitar specifically for that tuning to get rid of fret buzz, super loose strings and whatnot. This is tiresome and getting expensive over time. I don't trust myself to do it before that is suggested.

My question is would heavier strings allow me to forgo setting up my guitar in a lower tuning every time I want to play a dropped song? I obviously wouldn't be going to drop A (although that would be sweet from time to time) but id at least like to achieve Drop D/C frequently. Thanks.
Sounds like you need another guitar.
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Buy another guitar for other tunings. It will be cheaper in the long run if you pay for setups every retune.

I don't think it will matter what guage you use. If you make major tuning changes, the neck is going to move. If anything it will be more so with heavier strings.

It's really not difficult at all to do the setup. You can't hurt it if you mess up. Worst case is you have to let the tech fix the setup again. You doing the setup is the best answer.
Any good websites on how to learn to self-set up a guitar? I'm sure there are thousands...
There's a $15 book called 'How to make your electric guitar play great' by Dan Erlewine

It'll pretty much cover what you need. The problem is that often, with heavier strings, you have to recut the nut, etc. Going back and forth can be a real pain, which is why most people get a different guitar for that.

One comment, however. I've routinely been playing in alternate tunings without changing strings or even changing the tension on my strings. I have an old Variax 500 (25.5" scale). Besides the guitar models built in, you can also select alternate tunings, up to a full octave up or down per string, including the usual down tunings. You can pick these up for $350-500.

I've got a JTV-89F on the way that has built-in down tunings to Drop Bb. Rotate the dial and you're there.

No setup necessary. Plug and play. No floppy strings, no setup required.
I agree with some others on here. Having multiple guitars is the way to go. I still need to get a few more. Plus variety is the spice of life hehe
Thats what i had to do. I bought a second guitar to keep in down tuning and i use my older guitar for standard. Im think of buying a third for Bb (B flat).