First when I level the frets I mark all of them with marker , then file them with a fret leveler .

The Question is , the spots with marker still left on them are low spots or the wear area right ? and also if there is still wear/low spots do I have to go over the all the frets again with marker and file again ? and repeat if necessary if there are still wear/low spots?

sorry I'm a noob at fret dressing
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When leveling frets, don't file each fret individually. Cover the top of the frets with marker.
Drag your file (I used a 320 grit sharpening stone) across the tops of the frets. Try to go across all the frets in a single stroke. Don't stay in one area for too long. Don't push down on it, its own weight provides enough pressure. On the high areas, the marker will be filed off. Keep filing until all the marker is gone.

I like to re-apply marker a couple of times throughout the procedure. It lets me see that I'm filing all the frets evenly.
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my problem is for example 3rd fret treble side has lots of wear on it the frets around it have little to no wear , and Then I mark the frets with marker , so using the leveler i level the treble side using this leveler http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Fretting_supplies/Shaping_and_crowning/Fret_Fingerboard_Leveling_Files.html?itmsuf=e1 (the leveler doesnt cover the bass and treble side at all neither does it cover a good amount of frets ) so maybe ill only be level 1 to 5 frets of the treble side , the marks are gone from the treble side but what should I do to get the bass side level aswell?
You are a little confused on how to level frets.
No, it doesnt cover the whole fretboard at once. You ahve to go back and forth from treble to bass side, following the radius of the fretboard.

If there is still marker on the frets, then it needs to be leveled until it is all gone. They all have to be the same height.