So I started playing drums a couple months ago and the only beats I know is a rock beat, skank beat and a few variations of those. Im decent at fills. So my question is what beats or techniques should I learn next?
I will offer two quick pieces of advice.

1. Take lessons from a professional drum instructor. You face a steep learning curve, having somebody guide you through the learning process will speed that up dramatically. The fact that you are asking what to work on tells me that you dont have a plan on how to go about learning to play the drums. Again, a teacher will help in this department.

2. Practice to a metronome. It doesnt matter how decent your fills are, or how many different beats you can play. If you cant play in time, you cant play.
You could either do that or join a band and just play dude. That's what I did. I've been playing for about two years now and never had a teacher. Just get together with some guys and play covers. It's a fun way to learn and it's free.