Hey guys, I own a PRS SE. It's one of the Korean made ones, but I love the way it feels. The weak areas are the electronics. The stock pups suck.

I put a Suhr Doug Aldritch pup in the bridge, and that thing roars. I'm very happy with the way that turned out.

I'm looking for a neck pickup to put in. Something like the stock one, but without the muddiness and complete lack of clarity. I want something like Santana's lead tone on "Smooth." Something really creamy and thick.

Any suggestions? I know I've already got half of his tone just because it's a PRS, but I need to replace the god-awful stock pickups.
Try to find the Santana Bass pickup that is used in the higher-end Santana model.
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Santana's PRS model uses souped up 53/10's i believe. If you couldnt swing the cash for the actual PRS model pups, i believe they are basically ceramic pups that are wound really hot and full.