So I'm still building my amp, and I'm currently trying to make the new Celestion G12M Greenback speaker work either through my Laney LX12 or Peavey Vypyr 30w. For some reason this is not working when I connect the amp to the amp input, and then the Headphone or record out jack to the speaker input.
Please could someone help me here, I've been researching that speaker wire is necessary of which I have none. It said that it should work with guitar cord (but it's really bad for the amp)-is this true?

I really need to get this done since it's due in next week :S
Not sure what you are saying for sure. You are plugging one amp into another amp and trying to plug an external speaker into the headphone out?

You don't want to plug one amp into another one first off.

You wont be able to power a speaker cab with a headphone out jack.

Hopefully, I'm just ignorant to what you're asking. Maybe rephrase it?
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