So here's the short version:

I have a medium pedal board (6 pedals now). Most of them are 9V and run on a OneSpot daisy chain, but I also have a DL4 which takes some crazy power supply of its own. I just bought a used Pigtronix Tremvelope off eBay which takes an 18VDC power supply (wasn't included in the purchase).

What's the cheapest way to consolidate all my pedals into one power supply while leaving some room for new pedals in the future?

Some added details/concerns, if I haven't lost you yet: the pigtronix manual says you have to use their power supplies for the pedals. I feel like as long as I can find a power supply that meets all their specifications it should be fine, right? I'd hate to take up an extra outlet just for that one pedal, as I'm already doing the same for my DL4. Also, it'd be nice to be able to squeeze in any new pedals with funky power requirements in the future without having to start from scratch. That said, I don't have TONS of pedals or anything so I don't feel like I need to shell out $100+ for a big power brick or something. Is that my only option? Or should I just get a powerstrip and deal with all the wires?

Thanks for your suggestions, especially anyone who reads through that entire block of info!
i got a voodood labs pedal power plus its 170 dollars but i found it worth while to power everything

it has 8 outputs at 9 volts and if you need more you can get a connector cable thatll add up the voltage of 2 outputs from the powerplus and it has an ac out which you can connect the pigtronic power supply to

i at first was skeptical on paying that much for the power supply but its also really quiet and can accomodate all my pedals also my pedal boards never been neater

but buying a powerstrip and dealing with al lthe cables shouldnt be TOO difficult
I run 9 pedals in my board. 8 are 9V and my EQ is 18V.

I just use a one spot to power all of my 9V pedals, and I use the adaptor that came with my EQ to power it.

This has worked fine for me for the past 8 months of gigging and recording.

Your cheapest route would be to pick up an 18V PS for the tremvelope and use your one spot to power the rest. This leaves you with room for 3 more pedals on your onespot.
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the voodoo lab pedal power 2 + (PP2+) can do all of that.

it comes with adapters for the DL4 (i think the adapter has a red tip). you can also combine outputs for 18V with another adapter. as mentioned by supersac you can also run a daisy chain off any output as well, so you can power quite a number of pedals off this unit.

red.guitar's method would be the most cost effective though. products like the PP2+ would consolidate the most space.
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I also just bought a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power supply. Why I waited so long, I'll never know! I tried the daisy chain thing… Totally noisy and lame. Since I play out at bars and clubs, I needed to get rid of the embarrassing noise, and simply switched to using batteries. My first rehearsal with the Voodoo Lab Box was last night, and I am very happy with it. Plus, I now transport my pedal board, keep it plugged in and set up, and it takes about 5 minutes to set up, ready for jamming. I highly recommend this thing!
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There's a fairly cheap joyo power supply with multi-voltage outputs. I had one 12v pedal and I just got a godlyke iso-pump. It takes a 9v output and converts it to 12/18/24v with a little switch. It's 30 bucks.
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Doesn't the one spot come with an adapter for line 6 pedals? I'm pretty sure mine did.
If you guys knew how easy it was to build a good, properly regulated power supply you'd hit the roof.
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