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Like can you play jimmy Hendricks solos or songs like maggot brain?

Does Jimmy Hendrix have any solos with notes higher than a very high C#?
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He means you can't play notes above the 21st fret of the high e string without the use of bending. You also can't play Glasgow kiss. There may be other things you can't play as well.
TS spelling Jimi Hendrix wrong.

Edit: TS, you might be better off posting this under a different forum.
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Oh hey I said that! ^^^

Also, go with 4 instead of 3.
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At least you didn't ask if it could play Free Bird.

Isn't that the song by Linerd Skinerd?
couldn't you just tune the high string tighter so it'll play higher?
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Anything above the highest C# on the high E is impossible to achieve without the use of bending or alternative (possibly string-snapping) tunings.
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A (very) high D, D#, and E on your high E string if you're in regular pitch. If you're not in standard, whatever notes relate to the open string's pitch. That's what you can't play, I thought it was obvious.
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