Hey, so I just bought an Egnater Tweaker 112 Combo amp that I love. Only thing is I'm trying to figure out a way to switch between the clean and hot channels or at least between a nice clean tone and a solid overdrive tone. I have an MXR Wylde OD pedal that I tried hooking up but it didn't seem to work with the amp. Is there something I can do to easily switch between clean and distortion with this amp? Short of flicking the switch on the amp of course.

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i don't think so, unfortunately. that's the one big flaw with the smaller one, as far as i'm aware (I haven't tried the amp, but that's the thing I keep hearing people complain about).

you can use dirt pedals (the zakk pedal should work, just it's an OD pedal so it's not gonna switch you from clean to brutal metal tones on the fly) but you won't be using the amp's distortion.

another option is to set up the level of dirt you want on the amp and then roll back your guitar's volume control. hopefully that'll clean it up enough to do passable clean tones.
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i went with with the 40 watt to have switchable channels and clean headroom for use with FX loops.

you are in a good spot. a hallmark of the tweakers with the hot switch is that they can be set to breakup very easily and in varying degrees. you have a few ways you can run this.

you can reply on a pedal 100% and run the gain up on a OD or distortion pedal and use that.

you can set your amp for breakup (hot off, gain up, or flick the hot on and gain lower). with teh guitar on ten perhaps there is some grit when you hit the strings hard but if you back off it cleans up?

then run a boost. this should boost the channel into crunch or whatever. or you can take your OD and run the level very high and gain low. that should act like a boost as well.
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