this may seem like a stupid question, but if theres this big debate about gibson and fender, then why are gibson's more expensive than fender? I mean usually the more expensive means the better right?
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I mean usually the more expensive means the better right?


Price- for any good- IS affected by quality, but also by brand/prestige, perceived exclusivity, labor costs, materials cost, rarity, and a host of other factors, rational and irrational.
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LP and 335 ect ect cost way more to manufactor than the "slab" bodies like Fender or Gibson SG ..... better is just a preference thing ..... I like both , they all have they're place

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The Gibson range of guitars competes with every point of the MIA Fender price range. Gibson guitars just seem to be more expensive because the expensive Les Paul models are much more popular than the expensive Stratocasters models. Strat players are happy with a solid color or simple tobacco burst and no binding. Les Paul players are happy to pay extra for a nitro burst on a flame maple top with neck and body bindings.
this actually goes back to the original solid-body electric guitars, fender was able to produce them for less money by using softer wood, bolt-on necks, and single coil pick-ups, whereas gibson had a contract with Les Paul (the man who invented the solid-body electric guitar) and made them closer to his specifications (which were more expensive to produce, humbuckers, and through construction for less feed back and more sustain. Fender started out as a discount brand which is why many people had them in the 50s and 60s, and how they became the iconic guitar we know today, but gibsons were always more expensive and they will usually have more sustain and less feedback, but to which you like it all becomes a matter of preference
Gibsons on average are more difficult to make (set neck, one piece angled headstock, multilayered body on LPs/Semihollows), which drives the cost of manufacture up. With that being said, it also has to do with name recognition and the level of model.
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There is no big debate.

And no, Gibson actually isn't more expensive than Fender.
The cheapest US-made Gibsons (and there really aren't any other Gibsons) cost less than the cheapest US-made Fenders BTW.
However, due to the differences in their ranges, manufacturing processes and different countries of production it's hard to compare both to eachother.
Fender has Squier as well as Fenders made in the US, Mexico, China, Korea and even Indonesia and then there's the Custom Shop.
Gibson keeps it more simple as they have Epiphone and than the Gibson USA-range taking over at a price point where with Fenders you mostly get the MIM-range of Fender. Plus there's Gibson Memphis for the (semi)hollows and Gibson Custom Shop.

Does that mean either is better?
It's always about what feels better to you specifically.
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I mean usually the more expensive means the better right?

It sure would be good for the manufacturer if the consumer believed that wouldn't it?

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