Hey guys, how are you all doing? Hope all is well.

Anyways I've had my eyes on this Greco guitar for a whilst now


I know Greco are an awesome guitar company but then I had a look at this

and the headstock seems to be a bit different?

So is the guitar on top fake?
Also did Ace Frehely ever have a Greco signature guitar?
I'm no expert on these guitars so maybe take this with a grain of salt. The first guitar has a model number that checks out with the year that the seller says it was made. However, the second one doesn't have one that matches the production year, or one that's even remotely similar to the first! I'd recommend looking up "Greco serial numbers" to see of you can find any info on a change in the serial number format. If I had to pick which one is fake I'd say the second one, but again I'm no expert.
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both are completely legit and are what they are advertised as.

no ace never used a greco that i'm aware of.
I'm pretty sure it's legit. First of all, Greco makes copies of Gibsons, and it would be pretty unusual for someone to fake a copy. Secondly, the hardware isn't what typically comes on fakes (tuners, bridge, and strap buttons).