I have an Edwards E al 166 pink sawtooth guitar and it's amazing but I don't feel it's for me I don't know what it is but it's just the feeling of the guitar. I was at guitar center and I tried the Dean CBV1122 trivium sig and it felt amazing to me, I know mine is made in japan,ebony fretboard better quality and all that but just the feel of this guitar was better for me. Do you guys play cheap guitars that feel better than expensive ones you've played?
I had a Squier Tele that IMO was better than most MIA tele's.

But that being said, I have never owned a bad guitar no matter the price or brand.
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First guitar- some yamaha electric, sounded ok, felt like crap.
carlo robelli acoustic - crap
ibanez rg321 mh - $200 looks, sounds and feels amazing to me, forget the price
epiphone AJ-200SCE - $300 sounds and feels nice enough

those are mine, i've played some higher end ibanez guitars, including a Steve Vai signature Jem in seafoam green, and it feels similar to my rg to be honest, but its sound is more mellow. i don't know if its just me getting familiar with it, but i prefer to play my ibanez rg to everything i've touched from guitarist friends so far. i will admit though, i need to try out many more guitars, namely some ernie balls, fenders, and i guess gibsons (im one year practiced)
Janarumo - sorry to impose on TS's post, but you watch Through the Wormhole, right? Love that show! I think they write the scripts so that Morgan Freeman has to say 'consciousness' as many times as possible because he always chews it up before spitting it out.
YES! i love all the mind-blowing stuff on SCI, but lately its been crap like how its made, etc. ill have to listen to his 'consciousness' next time lol
I have guitars from every price range, up to a LP traditional, and I always go back to my faded SG, which isn't necessarily a very low end guitar but isn't anything wonderful either. I also have a modified Yamaha pacifica that gets a surprisingly big amount of play time. There's nothing wrong with a cheap guitar.