Hi, ever since i got my 2 krk rockit 5 monitors, one of them is making a humming noise when i turn it on. The first time i turn it on at a day, it is more like a little pop, or nothing at all. When i turn it on and off and on and off, this noise starts to become longer and louder. If i wait untill the next day, it is almost silent again, until i tun it on and off some times. The other monitor is very silent when i turn it on or off. The humming noise that comes when i turn the first one on has been there since i got it. The thing is that i can live with this, i only want to know if it is harmful for the monitors. I usally turn them on once a day wich makes no harm at all, but when im tracking vocals, i turn them on and off some times, that can by a little annoying. I have all the volume stuff on the back of the monitors set to 0, and this happens if it is not connected to an interface. Here is a sound clip when it is on its worst: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69202088/KRK%20noise%20example.m4a
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