I cohost a show on WUNH 91.3fm out of Durham, NH every Wednesday from 10-midnight called BS With Bill and Spenser. We play mostly punk and metal but I'm looking to start a segment to each week where I play a block of bands that no one's ever really heard of before. Meaning YOUR band.

If you want some free airplay post a link in the thread to wherever I can get your mp3s, a bit about your band, where you're from, which Golden Girl you'd sleep with, etc. The last part isn't necessary and I won't mention it on air, but at least we can all chuckle at you.
it's in the sig

(it's not radio-friendly but a guy can try)
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How about recommending other peoples bands?
There's a music reviews site dedicated to just that.

there's 800-1000 posts on there take your pick.
they're coming to take me away
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There's a music reviews site dedicated to just that.

there's 800-1000 posts on there take your pick.

I could have guessed, I was wondering if OP was OK with taking recommendations from me on other peoples bands however since I know 2 that are pretty damn good and think they deserve some recognition.
I'm in a band called NaH, we're a North New Jersey power trio and we just released our first single, "Sucker for Tragedy". Our sound is most often compared to Jack White or early Green Day.

You can download our song here:
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Why settle for one Golden Girl when you can have all of them? Maybe a better question would be what order would you go in...

We'd love to be included. Kill the Messenger from San Francisco CA. Metal/Metalcore with a touch of angry sex. Like mint chocolate chip ice cream after a cigarette.


Our new music video for Exodus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnWcC6oj7ak

Let us know if you want higher quality files - killthemessengertheband@gmail.com
My band would love some airplay. Idlehour, grunge/alt.rock from London UK.

Born from an indulgence of the unspoken recesses of troubled minds, Idlehour is a dark cocktail of early 90’s grunge, abrasive punk and ice cream truck melodies. Emotionally extravagant and sonically unpredictable, we make three minute pop songs for the psychologically fragile and gracefully morbid.

You can check out our music and download it here: http://idlehour.bandcamp.com/
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Check out The Searching 7's. They can be found on Facebook. If interested, I can send you a file of their new song "You Took My Breath Away". Video is on Youtube also.
Our band is called 16 Bars and were from Long Island, NY. We mostly tend to be associated with an alternative/rock sound. We just released a 3-song ep that you can check out here : soundcloud.com/16-bars-band