Hi everyone

I bought a Stellah ripwood bass as a beginner.

I had to get a pedal to boost its volumn but it causes the strings to buzz when not being played between songs. Also if I'm standing too close behind the speakers, it causes interference.

I am putting the bass out through the P.A. along with 3 vocals, bass drum and electric guitar - we have bass cabs as well as speakers but perhaps I need to put it through a bass amp or ???

Do I need a better bass guitar, if so would appreciate pointing me in the right direction. Can you explain why the strings are buzzing and why it interfer's with the speaker? Bass amp?

Thank you in advance, any and all advise welcome
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It sounds like you have a grounding problem. Check the ground connections in your setup. As for going direct into your P.A., as long as you've got a good D.I. box and your P.A. is delivering the sound and the volume levels that you need, you can keep going direct.
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