Hey all,

I am new here on this forum and I just want to promote a new song my band has just released.

Band name: Handed To The Thousands

Website: Facebook.com/htttmusic

Album: Carve Away, I Still Remain (2013)

Song: Deep Wells

I am not sure why I cannot post youtube links thats pretty lame, but if you go to the page or use this you can view the video. watch?v=hMqX3PUSZhg

It's a lyric video hopefully all of you like it! We are a melodic hardcore band with many other influences. This is the heaviest track on the album so we decided to release this one first because we felt as if it would attract the most listeners. The rest of the album has a lot of variety and different influences so if you like what you hear and want more let me know! Also, if you enjoy it please like us on facebook and share the video!

Thanks everyone!
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