I ordered a Ludwig Supraphonic drum on ebay and I want to hear what songs have it in them. I know a lot of songs but I can't find specific songs.
Pretty much every Led Zeppelin song is a Supraphonic.

The Mars Volta uses them a lot. Steve Gadd used them on most of his earlier stuff. Ringo Starr used them here and there. Earlier Deep Purple has them, pretty sure Heart used them as well. Jimi Hendrix and Grand Funk Railroad used them on most of their stuff. Pretty much anything recorded in the 60s is a Supraphonic, and many modern-day rock records use them as well, whether through samples or directly recorded. If you happen to have Steven Slate's drum libraries... Snare 12, 12A and Old Zep are a Supraphonic, several of the Toontrack snares are Supraphonics, as well.

Honestly, you could probably pick a random rock song, classic or modern, and you'd be safe in betting that the snare used was either a Supraphonic or a Black Beauty. Listening to a specific album isn't really going to help you decide on what the snare sounds like, though - You'd be better off watching videos and listening to raw samples, because the album sounds are EQ'd, compressed and have other effects added onto them
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