Hey all, I'm strictly a bedroom player. My one and only guitar is a Palmguitar (short scale travel guitar) which I absolutely love! Rock solid, small, keeps tune no matter what.

Recently my Roland cube (2watts?) modeler took a crap, so I'm without an amp at the moment.

I went to one of my local shops over the weekend just to look around, and I saw a Line 6 spider 3 modeler (15 watt) for 30 bucks. A little beatup, but not terrible.

Deal or no deal? Opinons on sound for a amateur player like myself?

I like 80's sound metal fwiw. (lots of distortion, chorus, delay/reverb)

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no deal. please no. what is wrong with a size up roland cube? a roland is WAY better than a spider.
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I loved my Roland cube, however in trying to repair it (the instrument cable tip snapped off in the jack). I ruined it.

I'd love another cube (didn't see them in the store- different/newer versions that I can't afford)

I see a lot of players don't care for Line 6, I know it doesn't compare to others such as Vypyr, but would it be ok just for a bedroom player such as myself?

How is it different/ worse in sound as compaired to a Cube,

Thanks everyone
It is just going to sound more like a computer and less like an amp. It's cheap sounding. I wouldn't gig, record or practice with it myself! BUT that said, it's cheap and it's better than no amp at all and it'll keep you going.
Ah, ok. Got it. Thanks. Yeah it sucks trying to play on the weekend off with nothing at all.
I'm "used" to the digital sound I guess. I have never had a tube amp.

I don't gig or record anymore, just plug in and tune out Lol.

Thanks all.
yeah i'd rather have a cube than a spider, but for 30 bucks as something to tide you over...
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