I have had my Mustang amp for about a year now, and I really like it. I haven't done much with the Fender-Fuse program, but I have made a really nice Periphery-like tone that I use most of the time. I can never get a sound quite like it when trying to record with plugins.

Is there anyway you can use Fender-Fuse as a plugin? I haven't had much experience with it, so I have no idea. But if I could, that would be really awesome to record with same tone I made for my amp.
I don't really think you have a lot of options.
If the thing works like I think it does and you can plug your guitar into your computer and have FUSE simulating an amp and pedalboard, you could:

-Open both your DAW and FUSE and route the audio from fuse to your DAW
-Play on your amp and route the audio from that to your DAW (looking for a couple of minutes at a page of the fender's website, it looks to me like the amp can act as an output-only audio interface)

If you choose the second, this article should help you.
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