First, the pix:

It's a Reverend...but if you've been watching my last few weeks of posting, you probably already guessed that!

Paid: $356.77 + $49.00 Shipping for a Reverend Roundhouse and a Guitar Research gig bag.

Its chunky, with no belly contouring and a flat top, but its body still gives up 1/4" thickness to my Fernandes Ravelle. Coupled with the Korina body, this means it doesn't feel like a huge slab of wood. But make no mistake, you still experience respectable heft.

It has that Reverend feel: the neck is essentially indistinguishable from my Flatroc's, so once I got it tuned up, it was like I was hanging out with a buddy. Comfy. Flawless.

The knobs- Volume, Tone, and Bass Contour- sit just a little too close to the top, so there is a barely perceptible rubbing when you fiddle with them. However, that is minor, minor, minor. I'm not much for twiddling with my knobs once I get them where I want them. Besides, they'll eventually stop rubbing on their own.

Like my Flatroc (and all other Reverends), this guitar's Bass Contour and the Tone control delivers anything from a full-bodied HB rumble to a twang reminiscent of some singlecoils- it is almost like having an "analog" coil tap. That tonal flexibility is one of my favorite features of the Reverend lineup.

Overall, the pickups have a classic HB growl. They're not the kind of pickups you shout about as being especially good, but they sure as hell do the job. I'll probably leave them stock, but if I don't, I'll go no further than some RailHammers, and "keep it in the family," as it were.

Its a used guitar, but you almost wouldn't know it. The prior owner may not have played it all that often. There is almost no perceptible sign of wear- no buckle rash on the back, no pick marks on the top. Near as I can tell, the only visible problem with it is a ding on the upper curve of the lower part of the body, about the length of a guitar pick. It doesn't bug me...at least, not yet. It looks like it caught a corner of a table or some such, but you can't see it while playing (highlighted in blue on the far right):

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Oooof. That looks great man. HNGD
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Damn that is beautiful, even for a Reverend.

Only thing that would make it better is some Revtrons or p90s.
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Quite literally, I was so stoked by the seller's pictures, I opened eBay and PayPal accounts to get this guitar. I almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, though.

The seller wanted payment within 24 hours, and PayPal doesn't necessarily approve new accounts that quickly. I was on a trip- and I don't do online banking- so I was kind of hamstrung. To top it off, I sent the seller my message of woe, including suggestions to either sell it to the next highest bidder if timely payment was crucial AND that I could pay via a cashier's checker money order. But when I did so via eBay's contact system, they included an automatic attachment warning hat offers to pay for winning bids outside of eBay's system might be indicative of an attempt to defraud...

IOW, I had just accidentally painted myself as a potential douchebag.

Fortunately, the seller believed me and patiently waited for me to end my trip and send that cashier's check.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!