I'm sorry if this was already asked, i couldn't find it. I'm playing guitar for a couple of years now but only now decided to try out effects and what not. I have a dd7 and when i connect it through the FX loop i get the sound, but it's really really silent. And when i press the effect 'on' there's no delay. Just silent crunchy sound. I have no idea what this means. If anyone can help, please.

Also what would be the best way to connect a tuner, dd7 and a tube screamer (let's say the maxon OD) with a bugera 6262? I'm playing in a hardcore/metal band, if it helps.
An effects loop is usually an optional part of signal chain between the pre-amp and power-amp. The pre-amp is what colours your tone, and gives off the distortion (unless you're using pedals for distortion) which runs into the power-amp which is where the signal is amplified loud enough to be run through some speakers and heard.

Make sure you're making the right connections. FX send goes into the DD7 input (mono, or left) and the output of that goes into the FX return. You should plug your guitar into the tuner first, then into the tubescreamer, then into the amp. Then put the DD7 in the effects loop.
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Thanks for the quick reply, man!
Everything works as it should, if i leave the FX loop out of it. If i do it like that Guitar -> tuner -> dd7 -> amp then it works perfectly, but if i leave the dd7 out of this connection and put it into the FX loop everything becomes silent and slightly distorted. Even if the dd7 is turned off, it's the same. Lead or clean channel, doesn't matter. Why is this happening?

I'm 100% i connected it correctly through the FX loop
Sorry for the double post

I fixed it. I connected it a little bit different than it said in the manual (which input and which output). I have both cables running into input A and from output B. The FX loop works now. Awesome.

Any reason why people always say to put the delay/reverb pedals into the FX loop? I'm a noob and i don't hear a difference to be honest
Most people that like to use the amp's distortion prefer time-based effects in the loop, simply because it sounds like hammered asscrack running it in front. If you run your amp clean and get your distortion from a pedal, then running it out front at the end of the chain makes sense.
Distortion = your guitar signal's volume being so loud that the ends of the wave start clipping.

Delay = repeats of what you played at a certain time. Each repeat's volume is lower.

So when you feed a delay into distortion, the distortion applied to each echo will sound less distorted and result in this weird muddy tone effect. It will not sound like an echo.

It's logic.
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Let me reiterate what Clayman said in slightly different wording.

The distortion produced by the amp is proportional to the strength of the signal going into it. Now let's apply that to your delay.
If you run the delay out front: Each repeat is lower volume than the one preceeding it. That means that the distortion of each subsequent repeat will be less.
In the loop: The distortion is already present before it gets to the delay so each repeat will have the same amount of distortion as the previous one.

Got it?
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Got it! Thanks guys, you never fail to enlighten me. I'm using the amps distortion now with the tuner in front and the dd7 in the loop. Everything sounds amazing
Quote by ShAd0w666
I fixed it. I connected it a little bit different than it said in the manual (which input and which output). I have both cables running into input A and from output B. The FX loop works now. Awesome.
This is confusing. Why would running into input A and using output B make any difference?