Okay so I've seen the Keeley mod my DS-1 has that added switch near the tone but there's no light other than the normal light at the top of the pedal which mine is green. I'm just trying to see if there are several mods that use the little toggle switch or there's just one or what? Also most of the modded pedals I see you have a little light coming out of it that was added
That is most likely a keely mod without the led.

To be 100% sure you gotta open the thing and have a look at the electronics, or ask the guy you bought that from.
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Okay cool yeah I bought it from a music go round store they didn't know for sure. I mean I love the sound I'm getting but was just curious about it.
^Love music go round. Open it up and take a gut shot and maybe one of the pedal builders can give you some insight.
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