Hey friends!!! I am working on a custom build through warmoth.com
I plan on making a jackson King V knockoff that's gonna look fantastic. I plan on ordering the red side dots for fret markers off of allparts.com as well, which I think I'm really going to enjoy.

My problem is that, I dont know what to do about the neck wood. Ya see, I've called warmoth a bunch of times, and idk, whenever I talk to one of their employees, I just feel like I never get anywhere with them. Just this morning, I called and inquired about the neck, and the guy immediately jumped to the subject of the warranty that they provide you if you get the neck finished by them. Haha, like he was a gamestop employee trying to push a pre-order on me or something... I only say this because he KEPT on mentioning it...

I really wanted maple, with an ebony fingerboard, butttttttttt they say that if you get the maple neck raw, it has a good chance of warping over time, and hey, they're probably right. I had an idea though. Why dont I just get a canary neck, have them paint it black, and keep the fingerboard ebony like I intended on doing? Sure it'll cost me a bit more than a maple neck, but this is one of the woods that the website says you can leave raw!!!

I have never played a raw neck before, but I REALLY want to, because I've heard from other guitarists that raw necks are the ****ing shit, and this guitar is going to need to have a really fast feel, as I love to shred and play metal.

Have any of you forum-goers had any experience with warmoth before, or raw necks for that matter??? Thanks guys.

No experience with warmooth whatsoever, but I have had an unfinished neck.

I hated it.
Seriously, I didn't like it at all.

I felt too much friction between my hand and the back (maple), and it used to get dirty in something like a week.
I don't usually put that much attention in having clean hands when I play but brother, it wasn't fun to clean it that frequently.

Though you may like the idea, it's a thing as subjective as strings/picks - try one before buying it.
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Thanks spam!!! You're right bro. What sucks is that I'm lefty. I'll have to see if guitar center or any other local guitar shops have any guitars with raw necks. Hell, even if I have to flip the guitar like Hendrix to try it out.