Hi, a friend of mine mentioned running a mix through my preamp, but I have no clue on how to do that so I was hoping someone could help me,

I have a Tascam 1800 interface and a Golden Age Project 73 MkII preamp,
The DAW I'm using is Studio One 2,

I don't have a patch bay or anything just the interface connected via usb to my computer and the preamp going in to one of the inputs on the back of the Tascam so I don't even know if it's even possible but any help would be appreciated..

Thanks in advance
Running a mix through your preamp, from where to where, and to achieve what results?
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Preamps are for mics, not mixes. Sounds like your friend thinks it'll be way to give your stuff a 'analog' sound but you're doing far more harm than good.

Nice preamp you've got there, by the way.
Running the stereo bus through a pair of 1073 (or 1073-style) preamps is not unheard of, and can definitely give a good result if done right.

That said, unless you have a stereo pair, it's not really worth it. I guess you could run each side through separately and get the same effect if you want.

At the end of the day, don't listen to what any of us says will work or won't work - the only definitive thing is that if wired properly, it won't break anything, so just try whatever you want. It's all subjective, plug this into that and one of those over there and see what it sounds like. If it sucks, just hit ctrl/cmd-Z, rewire, and move on.
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Running the stereo bus through a pair of 1073 (or 1073-style) preamps is not unheard of, and can definitely give a good result if done right.

Agreed. Though factoring in the US1800's not-particularly-amazing AD/DA conversion I think the negatives outweigh the positives on balance.
What you're wanting to do is called analogue summing. Usually this is done through a recording console or a summing box to take off the sterile digital sound and make it sound more lively.

That being said, the only thing I can see this doing through your GAP is giving you a muddy lowend a smeared midrange, not to mention sound degradation, as I'm sure the DA on the 1800 is pretty crappy, and creating a loop back into the interface is probably not the greatest idea.

But hey - Give it a shot, might sound cool. There's no rules in audio... if it sounds good, who cares what you did to get there?
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