So, I recently got bored, and decided to dissect a few old cellphones and radios and stuff and take the speakers out to run my amp through them. Before too long, I had my amp running through 2 1.5" speakers inside a little makeshift cab. Obviously, the sound quality is terrible.

My question is: If you were to rig up a truckload of small speakers like that together, would it improve the sound quality at all? Or would it just sound like louder crap?
Yeah, I figured as much. Just an amusing thought going out on stage with a 200x1.5 or something =P

And yeah, I'm sure I could get unpleasant things to happen with my amp cranked into that thing (the sound being the real unpleasant thing =P).. I made sure everything was at 0 before I switched my amp on and slowly climbed up until it was audible. No need to plug that thing in again anyways.. I'll just finish the cab up nicely and have a decoration.