So I'm completely new when it comes to recording guitar. I'm finding it very very confusing on what exactly I need to record my playing, and from there, produce a decent sounding track I could upload on Youtube for example.

All I've got right now is a shitty guitar, a shitty amp, and the standard cable to connect them.

I would be very grateful if someone could just give me a basic outline of what I need to begin. Once I know what I need, I won't be afraid to blow some money on equipment or software.

There's tons of great info out there but its too specific for me. If I could just understand the basics (how to get from a series of cool guitar riffs to a polished instrumental) I would have no problem researching the details myself.

So far I'm understanding that I'll need a DAW program to begin with. I'll need drumming software like ezdrummer. and that if I don't have a sound studio with an expensive amp that I should record from my PC which may involve getting a new sound card as well as adapters and software