Does anybody know what the difference is between a 7300 series trem and a 2300 series trem? I've heard that its just 2300 is hand assembled, does hand assembly justify the extra price, or is a 7300 fine?
According to Kahler, the 2300 series is an "upgrade" from the old Kahler X-Trem bridges, while the 7300 series is a drop-in replacement for the old X-Trem bridge-equipped guitars. The 2300 series seems to be their flagship model now. Is it worth the extra money? Well; based on the limited specs that Kahler has released, it is hard to say. It is a newer design, and it is advertised as a "modular" design (so that different components can be swapped out, I suppose). Is is a better design for tremolo use? I have not read or heard anything that says it is. Drop Kahler an e-mail and ask them why the 2300 series is better. They might convince you.
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Drop a line to the boys at Wammiworld dot com -- that's really the go-to source for most things Kahler these days. The 2300s are "hand-buil"t here in LA. The 7300s are USA-made but factory versions. If it's up to me, I'm running the 7300.
Yeah dspell, thats what I'm thinking, and besides; If it's not DOA, I don't see anything but the springs or the rollers really wearing out.