Heyooo what's up UG? So since I have been unable to sleep for the past couple of days I have undertaken a project that I've been putting off for a while: making my old Epiphone Les Paul 100 look SEXY. Today I took the body out on the patio and with the assistance of a heat gun and butter knife was able to remove the ugly old glossy black paint.

When I brought it in to do some sanding and fix some of the nicks that I made with the knife, I noticed that there seem to be two layers of colorness - the surface is darker, but once you sand down a few mm you get to a lighter area with the same grain. I have included pictures below. My question is, will not sanding the whole body down to that lighter layer be a problem when it comes to staining the wood? I know that the areas that are lighter will remain light, but I am wondering whether the darker layer is something that's like not wood or whatever and would be a problem when it comes to staining the thing.

Ah also I should mention that the lighter part underneath is a lot rougher than the darker coating or whatever after sanding with the same grit sandpaper.

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