So you've finally given up on leaving your room and making friends huh?

Naw but really tho: don't buy a guitar off the internet unless you've actually held it in your hands. Even if you've played the same model in a store and are then able to find it cheaper on the musiciansfriend or something, I wouldn't recommend buying it that way unless you're living in the middle of nowhere or the guitar in question is kinda cheap anyway. You'd be surprised how much difference there can be -and often is- between two supposedly "identical" guitars

Also, the fact that the model you're interested in is favored by your favorite artist or genre alone shouldn't be the reason to purchase an expensive instrument. I know I told you the other day that Ricks are awesome for Beatles stuff and such -which they are- but seriously: try noodling around for a bit first and see what kind of things you're REALLY looking for in a guitar. You'd -again- be surprised how many people on this site ask for guitar advice, claim they really want their instrument to have a whammy bar for whatever reason, subsequently get a guitar that has one, and eventually end up asking how to turn their instrument into a hard-tail because they never use the bar at all

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