Need help, lost in learning guitar and don't know where I went wrong

I've been learning guitar now for about 2 years. All together my time under a teacher would amount to 1 year if not less and I've had 3 overall. I learned some basic theory early on that I've forgotten half of. I know essentially two scale shapes, pentatonic and one that I don't know it's name, a major root on 6th string pattern is 2-4, 1-2-4, 1-3-4 (if you know which it is that would be helpful) but I can play those VERY fluently i know about relative major/minor with the pentatonic scale, i know barre chords I'm getting better at memorizing my roots lately, and of course all the basic chords, i'm great at alternate picking, palm muting, left hand muting, power chords. I can't play at lighting speed yet but can play some good songs very well and keep tempo rhythm or lead. My problem is i feel stuck. I'm not sure if it's my lack of theory or what I'm lacking in but I feel like my guitar playing is just regurgitating info. Mainly I learn songs, and can replay them. I'm missing the actual artist aspect, like I learn new songs but don't actually get any better. I don't have a great feel for improvisation yet and I find it hard to have my own ideas come out in music. I look at other players and compared to them i feel like i'm missing a certain spark, like they just know the next note to play but I would come up blank. I'd like to get in to jamming with others and even writing my own music but I'm not good enough yet and I'm not sure what I'm missing. If it helps I'm looking to play many different styles of guitar in the future, everything from punk rock to funk and at the moment i realize that I'm not going to be an expert right away but I'd just like to get my momentum up again, IN A NUTSHELL I've had many "breakthroughs" in my learning where I finally said "yes i can do it!" and now those things have become second nature (scales, chords etc.) but I don't quite know what to do with them or where to go from here. Does anyone have good ideas of what I should be learning or any specific things i could look at online?
It's over simplified, So what!

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You just need to add more to your palate, simply enough. Just try learning different styles, learn more theory, songs, etc. If you only play blues, learn some jazz. If you only play metal, learn some...jazz.


I'm not saying only learn jazz, but just spice it up.
Just ditch all your studying and wing it. Like, by ear and stuff. It's more fun that way.

Have you considered learning jazz?
What Joel said. Jazz is great. Try not to get at all trapped into only playing patterns. Actually work out how to make things sound good on the guitar. Patterns can only help so much before that's all you're doing. Really learn how to play the guitar instead of learning patterns.

Before guitarists had the internet, and before guitar teachers were a dime a dozen, all a guitarist had was himself or herself and their guitar. They noodled with it and learned, VERY slowly, how to play the instrument with feeling and with soul. And that's how they learned to truly appreciate the guitar and what it can do.

Also, playing with other people can only help you. If they aren't shitty people, your fellow musicians will only want to help you improve. In all of my time as a guitarist, the time periods where I've shown the most improvement have always been when I've played with other people more often. That's the beauty of music.

Have fun
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That pattern is the major scale, in one octave.

Go to he'll help you out. You need to learn some theory behind the major scale, and learn how to dissect the solos you play so you can use licks and stuff for yourself.

Speed isn't everything, in fact, it's a result of good technique so worry about your basic techniques before you start worrying about lightening speed, because it won't come with shit technique.

Go to the Guitar Techniques forum on this site and post your questions there.
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