Hey guys, I finally got a round to testing some stuff out in regards to recording. Here's a link to my soundcloud. Nothing on there is finished since it was really just me getting back into the whole recording thing. Feel free to give me some feedback or maybe drop a follow if you like what you hear, as I'll be posting the finished stuff there.


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for a rough thing I really liked it. Nice slab of ol' djent. Good name too. For a final version I'd like the guitars to have a bit more bite and grit though. Good job

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I dig it! I like the riffs a lot, reminds me of a lot of the bands like Counterparts or Misery Signals. You definitely have some chops. The recording quality is a little weak, but your playing is crisp and clean, which is really important. Keep it up!

C4C? I have a feeling if that's the sort of music you're into, you'll dig my band.


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Thanks for the feedback bros. That track is just two guitar tracks and drums so it definitely sounds meh. Once I finish it and mix it and all that jazz it'll sound better (or at least i hope )

I'll definitely check out your guys' stuff and leave some feddback as well.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.