Saw Old Man Gloom earlier this year, Aaron Turner used one of those with his EGC guitar and the tone was monstrous. Been GASing for one since then. It's been out of production for a few years but after lurking around on eBay for a while I got one at an OK price. Not exactly cheap compared to some used prices I found via forums posts from 6-7 years back, but what I paid seemed to be the average going price of it nowadays.

Unfortunately it arrived with slight damage in mail, a crystal oscillator has been crushed off the PCB by the transformer (space is quite scarce inside the chassis and the transformer was tilting towards the PCB in order to fit inside). However seller was cool enough to reimburse me for parts and repair cost. I paid some extra bucks to get it 230V'd by the tech as well.

First impression is that the dynamic and response to right hand pick attack is extremely good - the harder I pick the better it sounds.

The interesting thing about it is that according to the manual, it allows you to bring in power amp saturation characters within the preamp by turning up the channel volume. One of the tubes in there emulates the behaviour of power tubes or something along that line. There's also a dynamics control which you could introduce more compression.

Spent some time further tweaking the channel volume/master volume/dynamics/graphic EQ controls and I don't even seem to need a booster in front anymore.

Recorded some quick demos with it, please excuse my shitty playing and weird taste in tone:

Signal chain:
VHT/Fryette GP3 -> Mesa 2:90 -> Orange PPC412 (Greenback speakers) -> Sennheiser MD421

I'm now using it with the Meatsmoke preamp in stereo setup, with a blend of sub-octave signal and original guitar signal going into the Meatsmoke. Lots of crushing low end yet the GP3 delivers enough mid/high definition so people can actually hear the riffs.

However the weight of the rack is getting out of hand, it weights more than 30kg now and is a bit of a pain to move around. Might have to resort to class D solid state power amp for gigging in the future and leave the 2:90 at home for recording/rehearsal :-S.
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Meat Smoker huh?

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Happy new rack stuff day OP!

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Meat Smoker huh?

That'll probably be your next quest, 311! How could you NOT play through a meat smoker?

Very nice rig, dude. Esp since you're in NZ. I've been there (north island), & went to several music stores. NO ONE seemed to have gear at that level. Thank God for the internet & international shipping!
Happy new VHT day!
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Looks pretty sick dude. The clip sounded absolutely massive too.
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