i wanna get a new guitar but my budget is limited. about 18-20k php. thats about 500 usd. what guitars do you recommend for metal playing? i wanna get an ibanez.
I'd look for a ibanez rg570 or rg1570 prestige used. They are essentially the same guitar. They stopped making the 570 in 2002 and called it the 1570 prestige. Great quality guitars for the price. Thin wizard neck.

You can find either of these guitars in near mint shape with a hard case for around $400-$500 here in the US.

Good luck and have fun!
I personally own a Ibanez S420, which I bought for about 450 Euros. This guitar is worth every Cent I put into it. It is very reliable, the stock pickups are surprisingly good, on bridge position they deliver a very agressive sound while on neck position the sound becomes very warm, which is also good for clean playing.
The only thing that would keep me away from buying this guitar is the Tremolo system. Although it works pretty well in terms of staying in tune it is a lot of work to tune the strings, when you have to tune them.
Also the guitar's body itself is very thin and light because it's from the S-Series, which is a huge plus for me.
I would recommend that guitar.
If you want S series, then S421 because its got a hardtail bridge rather than a trem, otherwise same as above.
Wow, I didn't know there was a Non-tremolo version of this guitar. Looks nice and is definetely easier to set-up!
I'd get the Floyd Rose not a hardtail. Restrings and setups take about twice as much time, but the versatility offered far outweighs the once a month restring. It is a sin to buy a pointy headstock guitar without a Floyd!