Watch Riddick Online In 1912, David Belasco the larger than life theater producer and impresario convinced Mary Pickford to return to the stage. For roughly three and a half years Pickford had been dedicating herself to the still fledgling movie industry. It was a world removed from Broadway but nevertheless more than a few performers were being drawn to it. Still Pickford took her old friend up on his offer.Watch Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Online

Watch Riddick Online The play was a modest success but the theater was no longer where her heart was. While she herself was a product of the footlights and remained good friends with people like Belasco her passion lay elsewhere. From now on Mary Pickford was exclusively a movie actor.Watch Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Online

Watch One Direction This Is Us Online That personal career decision would have a huge impact on the cinema. Within one year of going back in front of the cameras Pickford's name would appear above the title. Movies like Caprice and Hearts Adrift caught the attention of audiences but it was Tess of The Storm Country that absolutely bowled them over. The girl with the golden locks was off and running and there would be no looking back.Watch Insidious 2 Online

Watch One Direction This Is Us Online Mary Pickford would become the movies' first mega star and a phenomenon unlike anyone that had come before her. The adulation she received from her adoring fans across the globe made the success of many celebrities that followed her pale in comparison. No one could get enough of The Most Famous Woman In The World.Watch Insidious 2 Online

Watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Online There were a number of factors which of course catapulted her to this level. For one there was her striking beauty. Pickford definitely did not look like anyone else working in film at that time. Her incredible head of hair and almost hypnotic eyes did not hurt either.Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle oF Gods Online

Watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Online Yet even with that going for her it is doubtful she would have achieved the amazing level of success without a number of other key elements.Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle oF Gods Online

Watch The Conjuring Online Her absolute belief in cinema was one of them. Movies were still looked down upon in 1913 by "respectable folk." There was no Birth of a Nation around to show people what this medium was capable of. Pickford didn't care. She saw plenty of opportunity to do good work and didn't hesitate to take the chance.Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video

Watch The Conjuring Online Another was her craft. While much of the acting for stage and screen in the early nineteen hundreds was still quite stylized in the melodramatic vain, Pickford's had a more natural quality to it. She could heighten her acting when she found it necessary but was also capable of great subtlety. She seemed to realize early on that when it came to acting in front of the camera less was better.Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 1

Watch We're The Millers Online Surprisingly Pickford had developed this style long before appearing in the movies. As she told one interviewer, "This is my mother's training. She said if you feel something very very much, your hands your feet every part of your being will respond to that thought." That statement was and remains the very essence of great motion picture acting. Indeed it was around this time that she came to realize that no one could direct Mary Pickford except Mary Pickford.Top Gear Season 4 Episode 2

Watch We're The Millers Online Then there was her business acumen. Pickford was as shrewd as a J.P. Morgan when it came to marketing herself as well as her films. Having the public clamor for more Mary Pickford while being smart enough not to overexpose the product.Suits Season 3 Episode 9