Hello everyone, I'm really not sure where to post this but i thought here might be good. Anyway, here's my problem.
A few days ago, I left my guitar standing up. When I came back, there was no sound. Turns out I left the input jack in the guitar and those two small wires connecting the jack plate or whatever its called came loose. I spent the last three days trying to get it soldered back. So now the problem is that i am not getting distortion from my amp, a Fender Mustang I, I was only getting very weird sounding cleans and a lot of noise.

My question is that:

1. What's wrong with my guitar?
2. Can I fix it myself or should i get a guitar technician to look at it?

Thanks in advance.Again, not sure if correct thread.
1. Sounds like someone was messing with it, BADLY with evil intent. Is this a new guitar? How long have you had it?

2. Can you solder? Not to answer a question with 2 more questions, but do you know how to properly solder without cold joints? Do you have and can you work a multimeter?

I'd get another guitar to see if your amp is working properly. If you soldered the jack back to the wires, you could have them backward. Tip & Ring (old signal corp and telephone terms) - ring or SHIELD goes to ground -, which is almost always the black wire; tip is the extended part of the jack that goes to the TIP of the plug +, and is usually red or white. Now, a cold solder joint will work sometimes and not work or could produce the weird sounds you are hearing. Even though you melted solder around the wire and jack points you may not have made a proper bond and/or got some contaminants melted in there.

Try soldering again. There are tons of videos on youtube. I would get rid of the old solder and put new stuff on. Make sure your iron tip is clean and hot. Proper tinning of the tip and wires is key. Get the jack point hot and the add the wire and then more solder if needed. The solder should look like a shiny weld, not satin or black.

Post pics to help us see what's going on.
Not to nitpick but but the ring is the second channel of a stereo jack, not the ground. The ground connection is called the sleeve. Rest of the post was spot on though.
1152, thanks for the reply.

1.No one was messing with it. I am very sure of that. The only time i messed with it was to snip the ground wire from the bridge(I was getting electrocuted). I soldered it back already.

2. Yes, I can use a soldering iron i have cheap 30watt one.

I am currently using my brothers guitar so the amp works fine. Also, when you say tip, do you mean the piece of curved metal that touches the input jack when it's in the hole. I soldered the two kind of rings to a black and purple wire.

Sorry no pictures I don't have a camera and my phone's broken.
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Quote by Invader Jim
Not to nitpick but but the ring is the second channel of a stereo jack, not the ground. The ground connection is called the sleeve. Rest of the post was spot on though.

I knew someone would catch that! I did say "signal corp and telephone terms." It is not actually a ground but a BOND and return. (no, not nitpicking) I do stand partially corrected. I work in telecom, which still uses the old analog art and the new "digital" guys don't get it.

Darren, I can't really help anymore if I don't know what I'm talking about - I can only throw things out there and maybe get some people confused. Yes, the tip - many diagrams on Google. I didn't have the internet when I was fixing things and getting shocked by tube amps. I won't go into how poor we were and I did walk 1/2 a mile to the bus in shoes for school in 100*+ heat. The guitar circuit is actually pretty simple once you understand how everything works. You will learn...trust me.
I just pointed that out for the benefit of any newbies who read this thread and start thinking ring means ground, then wonder why their stereo jacks dont work right when wiring from written instructions.

darren: if you look at the back of the jack you'll see a metal circular part. This inner circular part is the ground connection. THe lug it connects to will be obvious. the other lug is "hot" where your signal gets wired to.